What You Think Matters

on Monday, 19 August 2013. Posted in Blog

What You Think Matters

While visiting a zoo as a young child a monkey pulled my Nana’s hair. Over the years the monkey story was retold and laughed about more than a few times. Other than that story I hadn’t given monkeys much thought at all.

Some years later, in the middle of a hot and dusty park in Bali, monkeys and I came face to face. It didn’t end well. It wasn’t a happy meeting and someone had to stop me crawling into the foetal position and I was escorted like a petrified statue from the park. It was all a bit embarrassing because until that moment I didn’t know I had a fear of monkeys.

Without realising it, experiences and thoughts take hold in our brains and can affect the way we perceive, feel, act and react in situations. Over time thoughts become habits and trying to rationalise them can be an ongoing struggle. We have to trust our minds to do the organising and filing without having to think deeply about each and every piece of information we are bombarded with daily. But every so often something is misfiled.

The monkey park experience helped me realise the power of the mind. We’re perfectly capable of changing the record playing in our head this applies to all areas of life including our creative practices too. We’re in control and can replace negative thoughts with positive ones if we so choose.

I visited Ubud while I was in Bali this year. While I didn’t visit the monkey park I was fine with monkeys sitting close by me, climbing up poles and jumping on awnings of shops that I was in. It could be getting older, having children or more likely the sessions of hypnotherapy that helped me get over another problem I used to have with rats. But then that’s a story for another day.