Thank you

on Sunday, 16 June 2013. Posted in Blog

Thank you

I love those weeks where positive interactions with amazingly generous people outweigh the negative ones.

Earlier this week a woman reminded me of the inspiring beauty of Swedish movie “As it is in Heaven”. I really must watch it again.

Later in the week, Tony Gittins an English artist who combines art and science in the most magical way took the time to discuss science and art with me. His use of colour is sublime. Tony’s work is inspired by images of deep space from the Hubble Telescope and the Higgs boson particle – a rather new scientific discovery.

Tony you made my week!

To all my Facebook and Twitter friends – Thank you!

Some of you I may never meet although you often make my day and I value your opinions. Tony Gittins, Sonia Bublaitis, Bonnie Portnoy and your Tilden Daken Project, Arlene Richman, Julie Greig, Georgia Barber (Post Impressions) and James and Gill Taylor (Richmond Picture Framers) to name just a few.