Story Telling Faces

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Story Telling Faces



14 Reasons to Paint your Self-Portrait

1.    A readily accessible model prepared to sit for as long as it takes.

2.    Storytelling. A fabulous way to tell your story and what is important to you.

3.    What’s behind your face? Consider using emotion and feeling about events in your life. Self-portraits can be an outlet.

4.    Who are you really? Tune in to what’s important to you. What makes you tick?

5.    You were here. A touch of the immortal.

6.    Practice, practice, practice. Drawing, painting and observational skills will all improve working on your self-portrait.

7.    Push boundaries and experiment. It’s your self-portrait. Attack it with no fear.

8.    Play. Try different art materials.

9.    Use what you learn. Use new techniques used in your self-portraits to inform your next series of works.

10.    Advertise your artistic skills with your self-portraits. Demonstrate your style and skill to potential clients.

11.    Looking for inspiration? Are you in between projects? Tackle a self-portrait.

12.    Self-Portraits are one of the ultimate challenges. Confronting your own face in the mirror can be intimidating. Once you get going, self-portraits are truly addictive. The challenge of portraying oneself is an ongoing one.

13.    Many of the great artists painted self-portraits. Frieda Kahlo, Vincent van Gogh, Francis Bacon, Jean Michel Basquiat and Artemesia Gentileschi just to name a few. What not join them?

14.    You are in control. It’s up to you how you choose to portray yourself and what you reveal.