Sketchbooks: Worth the Effort?

on Saturday, 08 December 2012. Posted in Blog

Sketchbooks: Worth the Effort?



If you’re creatively inclined there’s no doubt that keeping a sketchbook is pretty important. It’s one of the essential tools of the artistic trade.  Would a builder attempt to build a house without plans?

A sketchbook is a vital connection to your mind and without it thoughts, ideas and observations would be lost.

Sketchbooks haven’t always rated so highly in my arsenal of art related “must haves”. My old sketchbooks were big and unwieldy. I tended not to use them.

So… what makes me use my sketchbook now? I have found the perfect sketchbook. I love using it. Thick creamy paper cocooned within a hard cover, small enough for me to take anywhere. I enjoy drawing in these sketchbooks making it easy for me to want to use it every day. I see the direct benefits in my art making too.



5 Ways to Develop a Great Relationship with your Sketchbook.

1.    Find a sketchbook you love. If you love it you will use it.

2.    Make one if you are can’t find one you love.

3.    Record all of your random observations in your sketchbook. Use your sketchbook to draw in make notes about colour, light, thoughts and feelings.

4.    Use your sketchbook every day and it will be full of valuable material to use in your work.

5.    Practice your art with no pressure.