Pick Me... Pick Me?

on Thursday, 27 June 2013. Posted in Blog

Pick Me... Pick Me?

Sunday afternoon tea at my Grandma’s house was quite something. The extended family would gather and my Grandma, an amazing entertainer and baker, would be in her element. Grandma would have an array of sweet treats to choose from.

As we travelled to Grandma’s house my Mum’s words would ring in my ears; “choose just one thing” to eat at Grandma’s. Always a difficult decision I would usually opt for the homemade sponge cake. It reminded me of a luxurious overstuffed cushion filled with jam and cream. One of the only ways round Mum’s rule was if Grandma offered us something else.

From an early age we are conditioned to be polite and wait to be asked. As a grown up child I realise that good manners are paramount. However, if we sit and politely wait to be asked, we won’t get asked. The art fairy and the art police are not going to pick you, me or anyone else.

The fabulous news is it doesn’t matter one little bit. You have all the tools you require to be an amazing artist. You don’t have to wait for permission. Let’s get to work and make some art. Above all value yourself and become the artist you are destined to be. If you want to achieve greatness stop waiting to be picked and don’t ask for permission.

Back at Grandma’s afternoon tea, it’s much later in the day now. Mum and Dad and the Uncles and Aunts are engrossed in adult conversation. A quick child could easily evade a mother’s eagle eye to snatch another piece of sumptuous sponge cake. Happy Days!