It's Art, But Not As I Know It

on Wednesday, 07 August 2013. Posted in Blog

It's Art, But Not As I Know It

Art weaves its way through Balinese life in the most magical way. The art isn’t clean and perfect and it won’t let you pass by without noticing it.

Art spills noisily from temples, it trips you up in the busy streets and just when you think you can’t take anymore, the heady scent of frangipane flowers lead you to a garden filled with calm and serenity.

Thousands of handmade Hindu offerings are placed in the streets, shops and market stalls each day. Ornate architecture centuries old and decorative temples tell religious stories carved from stone. You are surrounded by wood carving, music, dance, textiles and weaving. Balinese art is not only highly decorative it is also functional.

Historically Balinese artists and craftspeople worked for religious purposes. Learning their craft from priests and the ruling classes, artists were commissioned to create decorations for palaces and temples often living together in the same village.

After holidaying in Bali I came away with more than a tan. I came away with a small understanding of another culture and how art forms part of that culture. I also came away with inspiration to move art off my walls and into all aspects of my life and home.